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UP NEXT: Tuesday, September 29 at 4:30pm

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In John Cage's world, songs can be eaten, breathed, slept, recited, typed, clothed, navigated, and yes, sometimes even sung. There is hope for a world where everything can be song! 

At Yellow Barn, Lucy Shelton's "summer of Cage" began with this week's Patio Noise concert and his setting of Friedrich Schiller's Die Hoffnung (Hope)

And what the inner voice speaks
will not mislead the soul that hopes. 

In this program, Cage, Schubert, Kirsten, LaPlante, Hosokawa, and Beethoven all give voice to this hope, finding its reflection in love and the beauty of our world.

Also on the program: A video exploration of Beethoven Walks trails in Putney

Guest from the July 25th performance:
Lizzie Burns, double bass
Lucy Fitz Gibbon, soprano
Travis Laplante, saxophone
Eduardo Leandro, percussion
Lucy Shelton, soprano

Special guest: Daniel McCusker, dancer and choreographer

Moderated by Seth Knopp

What is Yellow Barn Patio Noise?
A series of nine weekly conversations, each based on a concert from our 2020 summer season
Tuesdays, 4:30-5:45pm, September 1 - October 27
Moderated by Seth Knopp, with Yellow Barn Musicians

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Beethoven Walks

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It is essential that we meet this challenge. We have so much more work to do. Music is essential, musicians are indispensable, and Yellow Barn has never been more necessary.

—Catherine Stephan, Executive Director
(excerpted from "Fun Facts About Yellow Barn 2020")


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