Travis Laplante

Travis Laplante, composer and saxophonist (Brooklyn, NY), has a special interest in composing for saxophones, and has been playing the saxophone since the age of ten. He has composed many solo saxophone works, most recently his large-scale composition Palace of Wind, an album-length piece that was written for the Brooklyn-based saxophone quartet Battle Trance. As a saxophonist, Travis also is known for his solo performances and his long-standing band Little Women. In addition, he currently is collaborating in projects with Trevor Dunn, Gerald Cleaver, Michael Formanek, Mat Maneri, Randy Peterson, Ingrid Laubrock, Tom Rainey, Matt Mitchell, Tim Berne, Herb Robertson, Tyshawn Sorey, and many others.

Travis is dedicated to remembering music's original purpose and to bringing it back into modern consciousness. Travis believes that music is magic that has the ability to transform life back to its true state. This requires the musician to have given his/her life to mastering the art of cultivating sound. Travis is particularly interested in dissolving the separation between musical performers and listeners and transforming the physical space of the performance setting.