2021 Summer Festival

Past event (2021)


Yellow Barn Concerts July 9-August 7
Masterclasses July 10, 17, 24
2021 Summer Gala August 1
Composer in Residence James MacMillan August 2-7
Young Artists Program Concerts June 20 and 23, July 1

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Young Artists Program Concert

Sunday, June 20 | 3:00pm
New compositions by Young Artists Program composers for their performer colleagues

Young Artists Program Concert

Wednesday, June 23 | 8:00pm
Works by Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Mansurian, Cage, and Applebaum

Young Artists Program Concert

Thursday, July 1 | 3:00pm
Works by Dean, Klein, Fauré, Britten, Janáček, and Saariaho, plus new works by YAP composers

Young Artists Program Concert

Thursday, July 1 | 8:00pm
Works by Dean, Klein, Fauré, Britten, Janáček, and Saariaho, plus new works by YAP composers

Yellow Barn Opening Night

Friday, July 9 | 8:00pm
Works by Barber, Wood, Weinberg, Debussy, and Mozart

Samuel Barber (1910-1981) String Quartet Op.11, Adagio (1936)
Alice Ivy-Pemberton, Carolin Widmann, violins; Leonid Plashinov-Johnson, viola; Natasha Brofsky, cello

James Wood (b.1953) Rogosanti (Healing) (1986)
Matthew Overbay, percussion

Mieczysław Weinberg (1919-1996) Sonata No. 5 for Violin and Piano, Op.53 (1953)
Donald Weilerstein, violin; Vivian Hornik Weilerstein, piano


Claude Debussy (1862-1918) Ariettes oubliées (Forgotten songs) (1885–87)
Elaine Daiber, Soprano; Gilbert Kalish, Piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791) Piano Concerto in C Major, K.415 (1783)
Peter Frankl, piano; Leonard Fu, Jenna Sherry, violins; Nicholas Mann, viola; Leland Ko, cello; Marcus Elliott Gaved, double bass

Masterclass: Gilbert Kalish, piano

Saturday, July 10 | 10:30am

At Yellow Barn masterclasses, audience members are invited to sit in the Big Barn with Yellow Barn musicians and witness the interpretive process as yellow barn faculty and guests coach participants on a wide range of repertoire.

Yellow Barn Concert

Saturday, July 10 | 8:00pm
Works by Hosokawa, Saariaho, Hersant, Poulenc, Bach, and Mendelssohn

Toshio Hosokawa (b.1955) Im Nebel (In the Fog) (2013)
North American Premiere
Ansel Norris, trumpet; Anna Han, piano

Kaija Saariaho (b.1952) Oi Kuu (1990)
Barret Ham, bass clarinet; Aaron Wolff, cello

Philippe Hersant (b.1948) Une Vision d'Hildegarde (2019)
Carolin Widmann, Nathan Amaral, Yiliang Jiang, Julia Mirzoev, Yukiko Uno, violins; Luther Warren, Leonid Plashinov-Johnson, violas; Rainer Crosett, cello; Pete Walsh, double bass

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963) Sonata for Two Pianos (1959)
Gilbert Kalish, Sophiko Simsive, pianos


J.S. Bach (1685-1750), transcribed by George Benjamin (b.1960) Canon and Fugue, from The Art of the Fugue (c.1742-9/2007)
Antonina Styczen, flute; Nicolee Kuester, Kevin Newton, French horns; Luke Hsu, Hee-Soo Yoon, Jenna Sherry, violins; Katherine Murdock, Lauren Spaulding, violas; Yunwen Chen, cello

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) String Quintet in B-flat Major, Op.87 (1845)
Carolin Widmann, Isabelle Ai Durrenberger, violins; Rosemary Nelis, Lauren Spaulding, violas; Mon-Puo Lee, cello

Yellow Barn Concert

Thursday, July 15 | 8:00pm
Works by Fujikura, Mackey, Mozart, Takemitsu, and Fauré

Dai Fujikura (b.1977) The Voice (2007)
Yen-Chen Wu, bassoon; Natasha Brofsky, cello

Steven Mackey (b.1956) Humble River (1996-7)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1757-1791) Movements from the four flute quartets (1777-8)
Antonina Styczen, flute; Julia Mirzoev, violin; Emily Brandenberg, viola; Jeffrey Ho, cello
Patrick Tsuji, flute; Randall Goosby, violin; Nicholas Mann, viola; Madelyn Kowalski, cello


Steven Mackey (b.1956) Cairn (1994)
Steven Mackey, electric guitar

Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996) And then I knew ’twas Wind (1992)
Patrick Tsuji, flute; Katherine Murdock, viola; Charles Overton, harp

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) Cello Sonata No. 2 in G Minor, Op.117 (1921)
Jean-Michel Fonteneau, cello; Anna Han, piano

Yellow Barn Concert

Friday, July 16 | 8:00pm
Works by Abrahamsen, Brahms, Janácek, and Eisler

Hans Abrahamsen (b.1952) Six Pieces (1984/2012) 
Kevin Newton, French horn; Alice Ivy-Pemberton, violin; Lana Suran, piano

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Piano Quartet in C Minor, Op.60 (1875)
Seth Knopp, piano; Luke Hsu, violin; Nicholas Mann, viola; Leland Ko, cello


Leos Janácek (1854-1928) From Hukvaldy and Moravian Folk Poetry in Song (1898/1908)
Kristina Bachrach, soprano; William Sharp, baritone; Vivian Hornik Weilerstein, piano

Hans Eisler (1898-1962) Zeitungsausschnitte (Newspaper clippings), Op.11 (1925-6)
Kristina Bachrach, soprano; Anna Han, piano

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Horn Trio in E-flat Major, Op.40 (1865)
Nicolee Kuester, French horn; Leonard Fu, violin; Peter Frankl, piano

Masterclass: Laurence Lesser, cello

Saturday, July 17 | 10:30am

Yellow Barn Concert

Saturday, July 17 | 8:00pm
Works by Laplante, Debussy, Bach, Mozart, and Applebaum

Travis Laplante (b.1982) Wild Tapestry (For the Muse of Miles Davis) (2021)
World Premiere
Ansel Norris, trumpet; Travis Laplante, saxophone; Oliver Barrett, trombone; Antonina Styczen, flute; Steven Mackey, electric guitar; Charles Overton, harp; Marcus Elliott Gaved, double bass; Eduardo Leandro, Matthew Overbay, percussion

Claude Debussy (1862-1918) En blanc et noir (In white and black) (1915)
Peter Frankl, Yun Janice Lu, pianos


J.S. Bach (1685-1750) Amore traditore (Treacherous love), Cantata BWV 203 (1718-9)
William Sharp, baritone; Alice Chenyang Xu, piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) String Quartet in F Major, K.590 (1790)
Donald Weilerstein, Evan Hjort, violins; Natalie Loughran, viola; Alma Hernán Benedí, cello

Mark Applebaum (b.1967) Variations on Variations on a Theme by Mozart (2006)
Seth Knopp, piano

Yellow Barn Concert

Thursday, July 22 | 8:00pm
Works by Ligeti, Nancarrow, and Adès

György Ligeti (1923-2006) Síppal, dobbal, nádihegedüvel (With Pipes, Drums, Fiddles) (2000)
Elaine Daiber, soprano; Eduardo Leandro, Matthew Overbay, Sam Um, Peter White, percussion

Conlon Nancarrow (1912-1997) Piece for Ligeti (1988)

Nancarrow Sarabande and Scherzo (1930)
James Austin-Smith, oboe; Yen-Chen Wu, bassoon; Yun Janice Lu, piano

Thomas Adès (b.1971) The Four Quarters (2010)
Luke Hsu, Evan Hjort, violins; Natalie Loughran, viola; Rainer Crosett, cello


Ligeti Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (1990/1992)
Anthony Marwood, solo violin; Leonard Fu, Alice Ivy-Pemberton, Jenna Sherry, Hee-Soo Yoon,  Evan Hjort, violins; Natalie Loughran, Leonid Plashinov-Johnson, Rosemary Nelis, violas; Natasha Brofsky, Yunwen Chen, cellos; Pete Walsh, double bass; Patrick Tsuji, Antonina Styczen, flutes; James Austin-Smith, oboe; Yasmina Spiegelberg, Barret Ham, clarinets; Yen-Chen Wu, bassoon; Nicolee Kuester, Kevin Newton, French horns; Ansel Norris, trumpet; Oliver Barrett, trombone; Matthew Overbay, Sam Um, percussion; Eduardo Leandro, conductor

Yellow Barn Concert, For Leon

Friday, July 23 | 8:00pm
Works by Bach, Schubert, Ravel, Beethoven, and Arlen/Mercer

In memory of Leon Fleisher on his birthday

J.S. Bach (1685-1750) "Schafe können sicher weiden" ("Sheep May Safely Graze") from Cantata BWV 208 (1713)
Kristina Bachrach, soprano; Patrick Tsuji, Antonina Styczen, flutes; Seth Knopp, Michael Kannen, continuo

Franz Schubert (1797-1828) String Quintet in C Major, D.956 (1828)
Leonard Fu, Hee-Soo Yoon, violins; Lauren Spaulding, viola; Jeffrey Ho, Yoshika Masuda, cellos


Schubert Ländler, No.5 in B Minor and No.6 in G-sharp Minor, D.790
Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) La Valse (1920)
Anna Han, Lana Suran, pianos

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) String Quartet E Minor, Op.59 No.2, Molto adagio ("Si tratta questo pezzo con molto di sentimento") (1808)
Donald Weilerstein, Luke Hsu, violins; Emily Brandenburg, viola; Natasha Brofsky, cello

Harold Arlen (1905-1986)/Johnny Mercer (1909-1976) “One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)” (1943)
Julian Fleisher, vocals; Matt Ray, piano

Masterclass: Donald Weilerstein, violin

Saturday, July 24 | 10:30am

Yellow Barn Concert

Saturday, July 24 | 8:00pm
Works by Mansurian, Tate, Kim, and Dvořák

Tigran Mansurian (b.1939) Agnus Dei (2006)
Barret Ham, clarinet; Yiliang Jiang, violin; Jeffrey Ho, cello; Vivian Hornik Weilerstein, piano

Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate (b.1968) Standing Bear: A Ponca Indian Cantata in Eight Tableaux (2015)
William Sharp, baritone; Curtis Macomber, Nathan Amaral, violins; Lauren Spaulding, Luther Warren, violas; Alma Hernán Benedí, Aaron Wolff, cellos; Sophiko Simsive, piano


Earl Kim (1920-1998) Scenes from a Movie, Part 1, The Seventh Dream (1986)
Elaine Daiber, soprano; William Sharp, baritone; Yukiko Uno, violin; Mon-Puo Lee, cello; Seth Knopp, piano

Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904) String Quintet in E-flat Major, Op.97 (1893)
Donald Weilerstein, Sophia Anna Szokolay, violins; Luther Warren, Katherine Murdock, violas; Yunwen Chen, cello

Yellow Barn Concert

Tuesday, July 27 | 8:00pm
Works by Nathan, Wood, Dean, Perkinson, Klein, Martino, and Kurtág

Eric Nathan (b.1983) Toying (2012)
Ansel Norris, trumpet

James Wood (b.1953) Kalavinka (2017)
World Premiere
Eduardo Leandro, Matthew Overbay, percussion

Brett Dean (b.1961) Seven Signals (2019)
Yasmina Spiegelberg, clarinet; Isabelle Ai Durrenberger, violin; Aaron Wolff, cello; Alice Chenyang Xu, piano


Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson (1932-2004) Movement for String Trio (2004)
Gideon Klein (1919-1945) String Trio (1944)
Randall Goosby, violin; Leonid Plashinov-Johnson, viola; Leland Ko, cello

Donald Martino (1931-2005) Cinque Frammenti (1964)
Mark Hill, oboe; Pete Walsh, double bass

György Kurtág (b.1926) Einige Sätze aus den Sudelbüchern Georg Christoph Lichtenbergs, Op. 37a (1996/1999)
Elaine Daiber, soprano; Marcus Elliott Gaved, double bass

Yellow Barn Concert

Thursday, July 29 | 8:00pm
Works by Haydn, Cerha, Vivier, and Schoenberg

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) String Quartet in C Major, Op.54 No.2 (1788)
Julia Mirzoev, Nathan Amaral, violins; Maria Lambros, viola; Madelyn Kowalski, cello

Friedrich Cerha (b.1927) Musik für Posaune und Streichquartett (2004-5)
Oliver Barrett, trombone; Hee-Soo Yoon, Yiliang Jiang, violins; Emily Brandenburg, viola; Alma Hernán Benedí, cello


Claude Vivier (1948-1983) Hymnen an die Nacht (1975)
Elaine Daiber, soprano; Anna Han, piano

Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night), Op.4 (1899) (arr. Eduard Steuermann, 1932)
Julia Mirzoev, violin; Mon-Puo Lee, cello; Sophiko Simsive, piano

Yellow Barn Concert

Friday, July 30 | 8:00pm
Works by Alberga, Saunders, Crumb, Currier, and Beethoven

Eleanor Alberga (b.1949) Succubus Moon (2007)
James Austin Smith, oboe; Evan Hjort, Yukiko Uno, violins; Lauren Spaulding, viola; Michael Kannen, cello

Rebecca Saunders (b.1967) Disclosure (2008)
Barret Ham, clarinet/bass clarinet; Ansel Norris, trumpet/piccolo trumpet; Oliver Barrett, trombone; Lana Suran, piano; Isabelle Ai Durrenberger, violin

George Crumb (b.1929) Apparition, Elegiac Songs and Vocalises (1979)
Kristina Bachrach, soprano; Seth Knopp, amplified piano


Sebastian Currier (b.1959) Night Time (1998) 
Curtis Macomber, violin; Charles Overton, harp

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Violin Sonata in G Major, Op.96 (1812)
Yiliang Jiang, violin; Yun Janice Lu, piano

Yellow Barn Concert

Saturday, July 31 | 8:00pm
Works by Schumann, Widmann, Lachenmann, and Beethoven

Robert Schumann (1810-1856) Andante und Variationen, Op.46 (1843)
Stephen Stirling, French horn; Jeffrey Ho, Yunwen Chen, cellos; Yun Janice Lu, Alice Chenyang Xu, pianos

Jörg Widmann (b.1973) String Quartet No. 7 (Beethoven – Study II) (2020)
North American Premiere
Leonard Fu, Sophia Anna Szokolay, violins; Rosemary Nelis, viola; Jean-Michel Fonteneau, cello


Helmut Lachenmann (b.1935) temA (1968)
Lucy Shelton, soprano; Antonina Styczen, flute; John Myerscough, cello

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) String Quartet in B-flat Major, Op.130, Cavatina. Adagio molto espressivo (1825)
Yukiko Uno, Randall Goosby, violins; Luther Warren, viola; Aaron Wolff, cello

Beethoven Grosse Fuge, Op.133 (1825)
Jenna Sherry, Alice Ivy-Pemberton, violins; Jessica Bodner, viola; Leland Ko, cello

2021 Summer Gala

Sunday, August 1 | 2:30pm

A Gala Performance and Champage Toast
To benefit the Yellow Barn Resiliency Fund for Music and Musicians

2:30 Arrival
3:00 Music in the garden
4:30 Champagne celebration

$150 per person

Space for this event is limited, and reservations are necessary.
Please reply to info@yellowbarn.org.

In the event of rain, the start time will move up to 10:30am.


In tribute to Barry Lopez (1945-2020)

Matthew Burtner (b.1971) Elegy/Muir Glacier, 1889-2009 (violin and sound installation) (2017/2020) 
World Premiere
Anthony Marwood, violin

Burtner Threnody (Sikuigvik) (The Time of Ice Melting) for ensemble and glacier ecoacoustics (2015)
James Austin Smith oboe; Sophia Anna Szokolay, violin; Sam Um, percussion
Natalie Loughran, Leonid Plashinov-Johnson, viola; Stephen Stirling, French horn;
Rainer Crosett, Mon-Puo Lee, John Myerscough, cellos; Marcus Elliott Gaved, double bass

Kaija Saariaho (b.1952) Six Japanese Gardens (In Memory of Toru Takemitsu) (1994)
Eduardo Leandro, Matthew Overbay, Sam Um, percussion

In all the years I have spent standing or sitting on the banks of this river, I have learned this: the more knowledge I have, the greater comes the mystery of what holds that knowledge together, this reticulated miracle called an ecosystem.—Barry Lopez

Yellow Barn Concert

Monday, August 2 | 8:00pm
Works by MacMillan, Gubaidulina, and Beethoven

James MacMillan (b.1959) …as others see us…, T.S. Eliot (1888-1965) (1990)
Patrick Tsuji, flute; Yasmina Spiegelberg, bass clarinet; Yen-Chen Wu, contrabassoon; Ansel Norris, trumpet; Sam Um, percussion; Nathan Amaral, violin; Lauren Spaulding, viola; Alma Hernán Benedí, cello; Pete Walsh, double bass

Sofia Gubaidulina (b.1931) Hommage à T.S. Eliot (1987)
Rachel Schutz, soprano; Yasmina Spiegelberg, clarinet; Yen-Chen Wu, bassoon; Nicolee Kuester, French horn; Sophia Anna Szokolay, Hee-Soo Yoon, violins; Emily Brandenburg, viola; Rainer Crosett, cello; Pete Walsh, double bass


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) String Quartet in B-flat Major, Op.130 (1825-6)
Yukiko Uno, Randall Goosby, violins; Luther Warren, viola; Aaron Wolff, cello

Composer Portrait: James MacMillan

Tuesday, August 3 | 8:00pm
An evening of music and conversation with our 2021 Composer in Residence led by Seth Knopp

James MacMillan (b.1959)

Motet II (2012)
Leland Ko, cello

Motet III (2012)
Alan Kay, clarinet

Motet IV (2012)
Charles Overton, harp

Motet V (2012)
Stephen Stirling, French horn

in angustiis… I (2001)
Sophiko Simsive, piano

Yellow Barn Concert

Wednesday, August 4 | 8:00pm
Works by Gubaidulina, Tulve, MacMillan, Davidovsky, and Schumann

Sofia Gubaidulina (b.1931) Aus den Visionen von Hildegard von Bingen (1994)
Lucy Shelton, soprano

Helena Tulve (b.1972) Ithaka (2000)
North American Premiere
Lucy Shelton, voice; Anthony Marwood, violin; Yun Janice Lu, piano

James MacMillan (b.1959) Tuireadh (Lament) (1991)
Yasmina Spiegelberg, clarinet; Luke Hsu, Yukiko Uno, violins; Rosemary Nelis, viola; Mon-Puo Lee, cello


Mario Davidovsky (1934-2019) Salvos (Saved) (1986)
Patrick Tsuji, flute; Alan Kay, clarinet/bass clarinet; Charles Overton, harp; Eduardo Leandro, percussion; Curtis Macomber, violin; Madelyn Kowalski, cello

Robert Schumann (1810-1856) Piano Quartet in E-flat Major, Op.47
Anna Han, piano; Randall Goosby, violin; Natalie Loughran, viola; John Myerscough, cello

Yellow Barn Concert

Thursday, August 5 | 8:00pm
Works by Lim, MacMillan, Shostakovich, Szymanowski, and Beethoven

Liza Lim (b.1966) The Incandescent Tongue (2020)
World Premiere
Lucy Shelton, soprano; Ansel Norris, trumpet

James MacMillan (b.1959) Horn Quintet (2007)
Nicolee Kuester, French horn; Sophia Anna Szokolay, Randall Goosby, violins; Roger Tapping, viola; Rainer Crosett, cello

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) String Quartet No. 9 in E-flat Major, Op.117 (1964)
Curtis Macomber, Isabelle Ai Durrenberger, violins; Maria Lambros, viola; Jeffrey Ho, cello


MacMillan Three Dawn Rituals (1983)
Antonina Styczen, flutes; Alan Kay, clarinets; Yen-Chen Wu, bassoon; Nicolee Kuester, French horn; Matthew Overbay, percussion; Sophiko Simsive, piano; Yiliang Jiang, violin; John Myerscough, cello

Karol Szymanowski (1882-1937) Songs of the Infatuated Muezzin, Op.42 (1918)
Rachel Schutz, soprano; Alice Chenyang Xu, piano

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Piano Trio in E-flat Major, Op.70 No.2 (1809)
Sophiko Simsive, piano; Nathan Amaral, violin; Madelyn Kowalski, cello

Yellow Barn Concert

Friday, August 6 | 8:00pm
Works by Lim, Crumb, Strauss, Knussen, MacMillan, and Schubert

Oliver Knussen (1952-2018) Songs without Voices (1992)
Antonina Styczen, flute; Mark Hill, English horn; Alan Kay, clarinet; Stephen Stirling, French horn; Yun Janice Lu, piano; Yukiko Uno, violin; Leonid Plashinov-Johnson, viola; Jeffrey Ho, cello

George Crumb (b.1929) An Idyll for the Misbegotten (Images III) (1985/1997)
Stephen Stirling, French horn; Ayano Kataoka, Eduardo Leandro, Matthew Overbay, percussion

Richard Strauss (1864-1949) Metamorphosen (1944-5) (arr. Rudolf Leopold, 1996)
Anthony Marwood, Julia Mirzoev, violins; Emily Brandenburg, Roger Tapping, violas; Mon-Puo Lee, Rainer Crosett, cellos; Marcus Elliott Gaved, double bass


James MacMillan (b.1959) Why is this night different? (String Quartet No. 2) (1998)
Alice Ivy-Pemberton, Leonard Fu, violins; Leonid Plashinov-Johnson, viola; Michael Kannen, cello

Franz Schubert (1797-1828) Fantasie in C Major, D.934 (1827)
Luke Hsu, violin; Lana Suran, piano

Yellow Barn Concert

Saturday, August 7 | 12:30pm
Works by MacMillan and Ravel

James MacMillan (b.1959) Untold (1993)
Antonina Styczen, flute; Mark Hill, oboe; Barret Ham, clarinet; Yen-Chen Wu, bassoon; Stephen Stirling, French horn

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) Piano Trio (1914)
Alice Chenyang Xu, piano; Alice Ivy-Pemberton, violin; Alma Hernán Benedí, cello


MacMillan Raising Sparks (1997)
Kristina Bachrach, soprano; Patrick Tsuji, flute; Barret Ham, clarinet; Charles Overton, harp; Lana Suran, piano; Jenna Sherry, Isabelle Ai Durrenberger, violins; Natalie Loughran, viola; Jean-Michel Fonteneau, cello

MacMillan O Radiant Dawn from the Strathclyde Motets (2007)

Yellow Barn Concert

Saturday, August 7 | 8:00pm
Works by Rehnqvist, MacMillan, Tapping, Britten, and Bach

Karin Rehnqvist (b.1957) Dådra - en sprängd koral (an exploding chorale) (1992)
North American Premiere
Oliver Barrett, trombone; Matthew Overbay, percussion

Rehnqvist Davids nimm (1984)
Rachel Schutz, Kristina Bachrach, Lucy Shelton, sopranos

James MacMillan (b.1959) Cumnock Fair (1999)
Anna Han, piano; Julia Mirzoev, Evan Hjort, violins; Luther Warren, viola; Yunwen Chen, cello; Marcus Elliott Gaved, double bass

Roger Tapping (b.1960) Reverberations (2021)
World Premiere
Evan Hjort, Hee-Soo Yoon, violins; Rosemary Nelis, viola; Aaron Wolff, cello


Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) String Quartet No. 2, Op.36 (1945)
Nathan Amaral, Jenna Sherry, violins; Lauren Spaulding, viola; Leland Ko, cello

J.S. Bach (1685-1750) Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen! (Exult in God in every land!), Cantata BWV 51 (1730)
Rachel Schutz, soprano; Ansel Norris, trumpet; Leonard Fu, Yiliang Jiang, violins; Maria Lambros, viola; Aaron Wolff, cello; Pete Walsh, Stephen Coxe, continuo