Lassus Quartett

November 2-12, 2019
Past event (2019)

Composer Morton Feldman writes, “Art is a crucial, dangerous operation we perform on ourselves. Unless we take a chance, we die in art.” That there is no in-between for the artist who wants to be “alive in art,” finds a contrapuntal lament in this reflection of Feldman’s, spoken in phrases punctuated by long pauses: "There’s an aspect of my attitude about being a composer that is like mourning. Say, for example, the death of art . . . something that has to do with, say, Schubert leaving me.”

Morton Feldman’s String Quartet No.2, a work lasting six hours, and Schubert’s G Major string quartet will be the focus of the Lassus Quartet while at Yellow Barn. About their artist residency they say:

The aspect of scale is particularly highlighted in this project. It has been asserted that the marriage of quality and quantity is to be found in the study of proportion: proportion in the spirit of classical antiquity, where balance was inextricably linked with beauty, justice, and truth; where geometry and poetry were inseparable; and where the Apollonian and Dionysian resolve in consonance, delivering in the theatre a grand narrative.

Our challenge is to investigate narrative and fundamentally deconstruct all conventional approaches to dramaturgy in performance. How do we transport the listener (not to mention ourselves) over such vast stretches of music? Where are we headed? What is boredom? What is interest? What is the role of focus, and what games does the mind begin to play at minute 47, at minute 314? Where are the reference points, and what is a reference point? How does the body deal with extensive engagement? Will time stand still?

Lassus Quartett
Joel Bardolet and Antonio Viñuales, violins; Adam Newman, viola; David Eggert, cello

Residency Discussion

Monday, November 4 | 7:00pm

With the Lassus Quartett and Artistic Director Seth Knopp. The Lassus Quartet talks about Morton Feldman's String Quartet No.2

Residency Concert

Tuesday, November 12 | 4:00pm