Friends of Yellow Barn

From its very beginning Yellow Barn's friends and neighbors embraced their new musical family, cooking meals for musicians and organizing concerts. 40 years later the friends of Yellow Barn are continuing to nurture the core values of Yellow Barn, taking care of our musicians, providing invaluable administrative help, and sharing the joy of bringing Yellow Barn to life.

You can learn more about volunteering and join the Friends of Yellow Barn online, or contact Yellow Barn at 802-387-6637, or

The Friends of Yellow Barn

Marcia M. Spencer, Co-Chair
Margaret Anne Everitt, Co-Chair
Tom Baehr
Catie Berg
Paul Cooper
John and Barbara Evans
Howard Fairman
Rich Friedman
Karen and Paul Gustafson
Iedje Hornsby
Judith Jordan
Ellen Kaye
Anne Knauf
Tiffin Mabry
Alice Maes
Tim Mayo
Naida McSherry
Bonnie Mennell
Jone Messmer
Mary Lou Montgomery
Sue Neighbor
Jane Noyes
Vivian Prunier
Caryl Richardson and Jim Robinson
Marjorie Sayer
Gennifer Sussman
Mark and Camilla Tarmy
Harriet and Burt Tepfer
John and Cindy Wilcox
Claire Wilson
Susan and Philip Wilson