Levke Schulte-Ostermann

Levke Schulte-Ostermann, flute (Berlin, Germany) is studying to receive a M.M. degree under the direction of professor Christina Fassbender at the Berlin University of Arts. She is currently holding a fixed-term contract as the principal flautist of the National State Theatre Schleswig-Holstein, after holding the same position at Bergische Symphoniker in Germany. Her musical education includes performing in the Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt, the Philharmonic Orchestra Kiel and the NDR Youth Symphony. Levke also enjoys a keen interest in contemporary and chamber music, for which she is scholarship holder from both the International Music Institute Darmstadt and the Zermatt Music Festival and Academy hosted by the Scharoun Ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic. She is also a recipient of the Live Music Now Berlin e.V. scholarship, whose foundation organizes concerts in hospices, prisons, schools and other care facilities. She works voluntarily in the children's hospice of the Caritas Association Berlin, where she also manages a hospice choir. Levke has been awarded with first prizes from the Chiffren-Festival and from the cultural award of the Rotary Club Rendsburg-Mittelholstein. As part of the cultural award, the flautist recorded the CD “floeten fantasien” with the pianist Mathis Bereuter, which was released in 2020.