Yellow Barn Music Haul

Photos by Ben Bocko


Redefining what a concert hall can be, Yellow Barn Music Haul brings music to grammar schools and conservatories, urban neighborhoods and arts districts, city lots and open fields. It plays for people regardless of their experience with or knowledge of music, their attention captured in the unexpected moment. With Yellow Barn Music Haul we realize music’s fundamental purpose, and inherent ability, to communicate in ways that defy definition and move us without explanation.

Beginning with the purchase of an old U-Haul, Yellow Barn first invited architect John Rossi of VisibleGood to join the project. Together with designer John Kramer, Bill Lincoln at Response Marine, and Viking Welding, Yellow Barn's team devised a self-contained, traveling concert venue for as many as six musicians, fully-equipped with interior and exterior performance spaces, a high quality internal/external sound system, video capabilities, and climate-controlled passenger and storage areas, including storage for percussion, string instruments, and a piano.

Where is Yellow Barn Music Haul?

Flip Side Baltimore, a multi-year project celebrating life in a single neighborhood, its people, and the music behind the stories they tell

Past Tours

Begining March 2020: Vermont Relief Tour

The May 2020 "Music No Boundaries: Epiphany Slam" and Boston performances has been postponed.

May 27-29, 2019: New York City

May 24-26, 2018: New York City

October-December 2017: Baltimore Residency

September 13-19, 2017: Midcoast Maine (+Boston extension)

May 2017: New York City

September 2016: Boston

October 2015: Putney, Baltimore, and Dallas

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