Go Placidly With Haste

December 2018
Past event (2018)

Last January, Beth Meyers and I began a project at Yellow Barn we now call Go Placidly with Haste. This residency will expand on that work, both in scope and scale, bringing Go Placidly with Haste from conception to the stage in preparation for its New York City premiere.

For context, I have been extensively touring an old work of mine called Amid the Noise.  It is actually the first music I composed, and over the past few years I have had a resurgence with the work and been energized to remount the pieces as I originally intended them, as pieces that can change instrumentation from concert to concert. In making Go Placidly with Haste, this approach was on my mind, and the work will feature a series of solos, changeable on any given night, and mixed with large ensemble music for flexible instrumentation.

—Jason Treuting

Residency Concert

Thursday, December 20 | 7:30pm