In Return for My Song: Tonalities at once ancient and new

Past event (2014)

The play of tension and release is a vitally important element in our experience of music, and tonality, the hierarchical relationship between pitches or harmonies, is one framework that guides us. Much is asked of an audience experiencing new work with sounds that are less familiar but the ear is quick and can adapt to new sounds when context is there to guide us.

The centerpiece of this residency is a microtonal work by composer James Wood titled “Déploration sur la mort de Gérard Grisey." Microtonal music makes use of intervals smaller than the evenly spaced, Western semi-tone, and is used in a wide variety of music; from traditional systems of Indian music and Indonesian gamelan music, to rock and roll and the blues.

The Parker Quartet and Ian Rosenbaum will take us on a sonic adventure that explores the incredible variety of music that can be referred to as “microtonal” and works that stretch our concept of other tonal systems.

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Library Discussion

Thursday, December 18 | 7:00pm

Residency Concert

Saturday, December 20 | 8:00pm

Music From Yellow Barn

Friday, April 24 | 7:30pm
Soundings: New Music at the Nasher

Works for string quartet and percussion by Beethoven, Berio, Dun, Harvey, Olson, Rzewski, Webern, and Wood with the Parker Quartet and Ian Rosenbaum