Stop. Make Sense.

Past event (2018)

Percussionist-composer Jason Treuting and instrumentalist-vocalist Beth Meyers begin work on their concert-length, multi-media project, Stop. Make Sense., drawing inspiration, both in name and concept, from the 1984 Talking Heads live-concert video “Stop Making Sense”. Built on a simple programmatic premise, “Stop Making Sense” begins on a bare stage with a solo version of the Talking Heads’ song “Psycho Killer” performed by David Byrne on guitar, along with a cassette tape playing the drum track next to him, and steadily increases the number of performers onstage until the band includes drums and percussion, keyboards, backup singers, and dancers. Stop. Make Sense. will be structured in a similar way, starting simply and growing as it unfolds, but with only two performers responsible for the development from a more focused timbre to a more colorful pallet.