The Music Alliance Project

Monday, February 10, 2020

Pianist Chase Morrin and vocalist Cordelia Tapping, a duo whose lives are both rooted in jazz-based improvisation, and also deeply tied to classical music communities, have established The Music Alliance Project, an ensemble of ever-shifting membership that crosses the perceived boundaries that often separate jazz and classical idioms. Together with Rosie Gallagher (flute), cellist John Myerscough (cello), and Charles Overton (harp), their Artist Residency will explore ways of embracing the commonalities between improvised, free-form music, and music that has been notated for performance. 

The Music Alliance Project aims to bring classical and jazz musicians together in a comprehensive and experiential way. Chase says about the project:

There are many musicians and composers who have crossed the boundaries of jazz and classical idioms; nevertheless, the communities at large remain distinct and separate. Young classical musicians rarely learn how to improvise and create spontaneous music, and jazz musicians rarely play chamber music and learn from the classical pedagogy. Those who are interested in the other world tend to meet barriers within institutions or struggle with current teaching methodologies that emphasize awareness over immersion. Classical musicians who want to learn how to improvise are often scared, and jazz musicians are often left unaware of the full context and tools within the classical aesthetic. This project shows the potential there is for collaboration and understanding between the classical and jazz communities. An ideal world would shed labels and allow musicians to explore all facets of musical experience in a rich way.

During their week at Yellow Barn, the five resident artists will immerse themselves in collaboration, and ultimately present their work in their residency concert. This free performance will take place on Thursday, February 20 at Next Stage. Following the performance, audience members will be invited to ask questions and offer their observations, a critical component of all Yellow Barn Artist Residency events.

Left to Right: Cordelia Tapping, Chase Morrin, Rosie Gallager, John Myerscough, and Charles Overton

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