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Reflections on Reflections

Three Yellow Barn percussionists discuss Jacob Druckman's piece "Reflections on the Nature of Water."

A Conversation with William Sharp and Seth Knopp

Two Yellow Barn artists and longtime colleagues talk about their tradition of performing song cycles at Yellow Barn.

Beethoven Sonatas Opus 102

Welcoming a new CD from faculty cellist Natasha Brofsky

Ornamentation and Articulation in Bach

Pianist Enrico Elisi presents the questions that guide his Artist Residency at Yellow Barn

Extramusical Frameworks

Alumni Brigid Coleridge and Lee Dionne introduce their residency

Eric Nathan on "Some Favored Nook"

Composer Eric Nathan reflects on his September 2017 Artist Residency at Yellow Barn

Final Thoughts

Pianist Marisa Gupta offers final reflections on her two artist residencies


Pianist Marisa Gupta shares a video and her thoughts about returning to Yellow Barn

Introducing Enrique Granados (1867-1916)

Liza Stepanova and Reinaldo Moya discuss their upcoming residency

Jörg Widmann at Yellow Barn

▶️ VIDEO: Watch a short film about the partnership between Yellow Barn and Jörg Widmann

The Cult of the Work

Marisa Gupta reflects on her May 2016 Yellow Barn residency

Playing styles in the age of recording

Read more from Marisa Gupta in advance of her May 2016 residency and keep the conversation going

Faithful to the Letter or the Spirit?

Enter a dialogue with Marisa Gupta and read about her upcoming May 2016 residency

Yellow Barn Wall Programs

Resident artist Bill Kelly reflects on a 46-year tradition

Palace of Wind

Find out about a piece where there is no separation between the listener and the sound.

On Bach's "Musical Offering"

Kenneth Cooper introduces Bach's masterpiece

The beginning of an epic tale

Trio Cleonice introduces their residency project

Celebrating with Robert Mann

Yellow Barn honors Robert Mann's extraordinary life with music

The Reason for Cuatro Corridos

The Brattleboro Reformer interviews Susan Narucki about her Artist Residency

Gone, Dog. Gone!

A video introduction by percussionists Eduardo Leandro and Ayano Kataoka, and an inside look at Mark Applebaum's score

Steven Mackey discusses "One Red Rose"

A new work for Yellow Barn's residency commemorating President Kennedy in 2013

Crumb Madrigals video preview

Video artist Bart Woodstrup discusses his images for the Madrigals project