Yellow Barn opens Beethoven Walks

Friday, June 19, 2020

Yellow Barn artistic director Seth Knopp, who imagined and created Beethoven Walks this year (Photo: Zachary Stephens)

Beethoven Walks is a project begun during our collective isolation, serving a universal need to better understand our humanity through music and the beauty of our world.

These walks incorporate reproductions of Beethoven’s sketches, or leaves from his autograph manuscripts, connecting those walking the path with Beethoven’s music, his creative process, and the inspiration he drew from nature. 

Music Posts placed along the path will prompt people to listen to Beethoven’s works corresponding with these sketches and manuscripts. These autographs lead us along the path, or to Listening Places that invite more spacious listening and looking.

These walks open in honor of Beethoven’s 250th birthday, and are dedicated to the world his music shows us is possible.

—Seth Knopp

A project conceived earlier this year by Yellow Barn Artistic Director Seth Knopp, the first two Beethoven Walks are opening this week. The two walks, which are sponsored by Yellow Barn, are located in our home town of Putney, Vermont.

Beethoven Walks at the Greenwood Trail is located on our summer campus, The Greenwood School. It is our pleasure to gift this trail to the Greenwood School, where it will remain open indefinitely. (Download the app: BW-Greenwood)

Beethoven Walks at the Hannum Trail is located on Putney Mountain. At the request of the Putney Mountain Association, this walk will close on July 18, 2020 (Download the app: BW-Hannum)

Download the App

The Beethoven Walks app is necessary to enjoy the trail—most importantly the music!—and can be downloaded from app stores for phones and other devices. Search for BW-Greenwood or BW-Hannum for your playlist, directions to the trail head, and introductory guidelines.

More information

Please be conscious of social distancing! The trail is best enjoyed in solitude. If you do see others, be mindful and wear a mask when passing on the trail.