Utopian/Dystopian Saxophones and Harps

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The resident musicians of Yellow Barn's Utopia/Euterpe/Dystopia residency arrived in Putney, Vermont on Sunday night. Their first stop on Monday morning was to Brown & Roberts hardware in Brattleboro, disassembled saxophone in hand. Upon returning to Yellow Barn's campus at the Greenwood School, the artists created the first prototypes of the modified saxophone and harp that will be incorporated into a new work jointly composed by Ken Ueno and David Smooke for the harp-saxophone duo Pictures on Silence (harpist Jacqueline Pollauf, and saxophonist Noah Getz). The musicians will present their work in a free demonstration on Friday, Jnauary 11th at 7pm in the Greenwood School library.

Ken Ueno and an extended saxophone:


Jaqueline Pollauf and a ten-foot harp:

Ken Ueno demonstrates another saxophone extension: