Past event (2015)

Since its premiere in 1912, Arnold Schoenberg’s “Pierrot Lunaire” has been regarded by generations of musicians and audiences as an icon of artistic originality. Igor Stravinsky, who knew something of originality, referred to Pierrot as the “solar plexus of twentieth century music”. While Schoenberg embraced new techniques to frame his work and stretch the listener’s imagination, even as he turned to the aesthetics of melodrama in Pierrot, Kurt Weill sought to frame the realities of modern society with music that reflects its popular culture.

Both Schoenberg and Kurt Weill (with dramatist Bertolt Brecht), whose Threepenny Opera”, “The Rise and Fall of the House of Mahagonny”, and “Happy End” appear alongside the first stirrings of the Second World War, found the cabaret to be an environment well-suited to work that blurred the lines separating art and popular music, and the socialist and capitalist worlds to which their music reacted.

Moon image: Brian Cohen, Moondrunk, 2007, from a series of etchings inspired by a Yellow Barn performance of Pierrot Lunaire.

Residency Concert

Sunday, May 17 | 3:00pm
with Walter van Dyk, Liza Sadovy, and Lucy Shelton

Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) Pierrot Lunaire, Op.21 (1912)

Lucy Shelton, soprano
David McCarroll, violin
Jonathan Dormand, cello
Sooyun Kim, flute
Alan Kay, clarinet
Seth Knopp, piano

Kurt Weill (1900-1950) and Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) Arr. Michael Haslam O Moon of Alabama: A Kurt Weill Cabaret
Texts by Bertolt Brecht

Liza Sadovy, actor
Walter van Dyk, actor
David McCarroll, violin
Jonathan Dormand, cello
Elizabeth Burns, double bass
Sooyun Kim, flute
Alan Kay, clarinet
Caleb Hudson, trumpet
Michael Hosford, trombone
Oren Fader, guitar
Michael Haslam, keyboard
Eduardo Leandro, percussion

Music From Yellow Barn

Wednesday, May 20 | 7:30pm

The Nasher Sculpture Center is proud to present the fifth anniversary season of the critically acclaimed Soundings music series under the artistic direction of Seth Knopp.